While only made for a year, there are still a list of variations that can be noted between Kenner Blythe dolls.

This includes but is not limited to…

Plastic ‘skin’ color variation

7559309082_40935d5ea5_o (1).jpgVarious shades of plastic may be due to aging or variation in color. Typically the dolls appear to be one of the following plastic ‘skin’ shades: tanned (such as the prototypes, very rare), pink, creamy, or yellowed. Often, but not always, 6 line Kenners have plastic ‘skin’ that is more pink and 7 line Kenners have plastic ‘skin’ that is creamy. Yellowing can be due to sun exposure but another possible reason could be a chemical reaction between the doll and the container it was stored in. Dolls stored in the dark have shown signs of yellowing so it may not be entirely from sun damage.

Pearlescent vs. Regular Finish

Regular finish on left, pearlescent on right.
Pearlescent finish can appear shimmery but is different from the shine often found on Kenner Blythe dolls.

Some dolls have a pearlescent type finish on their faces. It looks a bit like the sheen that can be seen on a pearl or in shimmery make up. It can be difficult to describe and even more difficult to photograph. The reason for this is unknown but it is an interesting variant.

Make up colors

Brighter blush and lip color with bright green eyeshadow on the left. Less vivid blush and lip color with paler shade of green on the right.

The make up on some dolls consists of a few different shades of pink lips and green eyeshadow. Lip colors can vary and the eyeshadow is often either a vibrant green or an olive of green. Additionally, some Kenners have no blush and others have quite a lot. This is one of the most obvious differences among Kenner Blythe dolls. Original blush that is vivid and bright is highly sought after and usually seen on dolls with soft hair texture.
Depending on the collector, original, not restored, blush is a desirable trait that typically makes a doll more valuable. The lips can also be a variety of shades of pink, ranging from a light pink to a very vibrant shade. The latter is another desirable trait that can often make a doll more valuable. Early production/prototype dolls have very pale lips that appear white. This is a very, very rare trait only seen in those dolls or some that have been custom painted to have a similar shade.

Overall, Kenner Blythe make up can typically be categorized as one of the colors below:
-Eyeshadow (brighter green versus olive green)
-Blush (None, pale pink, medium pink, HOT pink)
-Lips (Pale pink, medium pink, dark pink, HOT pink)

Again, the exception to these are the early production/prototype dolls or those that have been customized. For more about the early production/prototype dolls, please see the Prototypes page.

Pink versus White Hard Cap

A yellowed Kenner with a white hard cap attached and scalp not attached.
pink hardcap
Pink hard cap.


Under the scalp, there is a delicate piece of plastic called the hard cap. This can be white and more rarely, pink. Often, if a doll has a pink hard cap, the hair tends to melt to it and stick, making it very difficult to remove.


Standard versus Large Lips

regular lips close up.jpg
Standard lips.
large lips close up
Large lips.
up close big lips 2
Large lips.


Some dolls have larger lips than other dolls. This can be one of the more difficult differences to spot. The first photo shoes a doll with regular size lips and the second and third photos show a doll with large lips.

Shiny versus matte eyelids

Shiny eyelids.
Matte eyelids.

Most Kenners have matte eyelids, however some have shiny eyelids. The matte eyelids can often appear a bit more pink than the rest of the doll’s face. Matte eyelids are more common than shiny eyelids.

Rare Hair Styles

7952493674_a09973f63f_z 9139990734_4a95ce870c_z

Sidepart brunette, without bangs, and the center part, wispy bangs redhead Kenner Blythe dolls can be difficult to find. These two hair styles are the most rare and as such, are very highly sought after. The sidepart brunette seems to be the most rare.

Soft vs. Coarse Hair Texture


Some dolls have hair that is a soft texture, that becomes frizzy more easily but is also easier to straighten. Other dolls have a coarse hair texture that becomes frizzy less easily but is also difficult to tame. The soft hair texture may appear to be somewhat matte and less shiny than the coarse. Often, not always, 6 line Kenners have coarse hair and 7 line Kenners have soft texture hair.

White vs. Clear Stands

both stands.jpg

      clear stand 2 white stand 2

Most dolls appear to have come with white stands, however a few have been found with clear stands. These stands appear to be the same in size and shape but the plastic used is a different color.

Box variations

The boxes for the US can feature either a blonde or brunette girl on the back of the box. The brunette appears to be the more rare variation and contains a few other noticeable differences. On the box with the brunette girl, the text placement and size appears to be different. The No. 33201 on the blue box with the blonde girl is missing, as well as the General Mills Fun Group Blythe emblem.

        30592212446_799e1a5422_o 30511177462_9d3200d0bb_o


This emblem is found on the end of most Kenner boxes but is noticeably missing from the green box.

There is also some variation on the text located on the back of the Kenner Blythe boxes. All boxes show the outfit sets and wig sets. However, some do not list the names of the outfits and wig sets.

Names of outfits and wigs is present.
The names of outfits and wig sets is missing.

Some of these boxes also have text on the front and sides of the box that is in color. On most boxes, this text is in white. The text on the front of the box, at the bottom states, “Quick as a wink…Pull the ring in the back and my eyes change color and expression! “. On some boxes, the words “change color” are in color, not white. The color word version appears to be more the more rare variant. The words appear in color on the Canadian boxes, as well. While the text on the front and sides of most boxes is white, the text on the bottom and top of the box is in color.

This text is located on the front, lower portion of the box. Note that all words are in white. This is an American Kenner box.
Side view, showing the white text. This is an American Kenner box.
A different American Kenner box, note the white text.
Opposite end of the same blue box. Note that this end has the text in white and the General Mills emblem.
Variant box with the words “change color” in color. This is an American Kenner box.
Side view, showing the text in color. This is an American Kenner box.
End of a variant box with text in color. This is an American Kenner box.
The words “change color” are in color on this Canadian box. The color varies, likely due to this Canadian box being a different color than the green box above.
Side view, showing the text in color. Note the Good Housekeeping seal is not found on the American boxes. This is a Canadian Kenner box.
Both ends of the Canadian box have the text in color.
Both ends of the Canadian box have the text in color.


The boxes for the US, Canada, Australia, and England vary slightly. The Canadian boxes have the text in English and French. (For more on the Canadian boxes, see the Kenner Blythe in Canada page.) The Australian boxes feature the brunette girl on the back of the box. The Australian boxes will also say licensed by Toltoys, instead of Kenner and feature their respective country’s logo. Similarly, the boxes from England will say licensed by Palitoy, instead of Kenner and feature their respective country’s logo.

The back of a Canadian box. Note the translated text at the top and the Canadian Kenner address at the bottom.

30510917202_e9820e61c5_o  30540357791_f4c1944dc2_o

The Canadian boxes do have the names of the outfits and wig  sets listed on the back. These boxes also list the Canadian Kenner Products address in Toronto.

Stock Dresses Vary

Blonde Kenner Blythe dolls are typically found in the pink box but wearing the blue Pretty Paisley dress. This doll is NRFB but wears the Golden Goddess kaftan instead.

In a few cases, some dolls do not come in their expected stock dresses. A few have been sold via eBay, NRFB that were not in the expected stock outfits. The rarity of this is hard to pinpoint because few dolls are NRFB and RFB dolls outfits may have been changed.

Outfit Tag Differences

While a small change, there is a difference in the wording of some tags in Kenner Blythe dresses.

Some read as follows and as seen below.
kenner tag
Blythe TM

Meanwhile, other outfits feature tags that read as follows and as seen below. (Please note, photo cuts off the word MADE but the tag on the dress from the photo does state the full word MADE.)
kenner tag 1
Blythe TM

The Palitoy dresses also vary and are labelled by Palitoy, not Kenner. The trademark logo and the word “BY” has also been removed.
kenner tag 2Blythe

Other Variations

According to one of the website owner’s friend and fellow Kenner enthusiast: Dolls from UK (licensed by Palitoy) are made slightly different. Arm joints are larger and may need shaved down to fit in US Kenners.

Wig sets in the UK (Palitoy) have been found with white all in one comb, instead of blue. The package shows blue, not white. It is unclear if this is all of the all in one combs from Palitoy or a small batch only.

white brush palitoy.jpg