Kenner Blythe in Media

Blythe has been revived in popularity thanks to Gina Garan and Junko Wong. Kenner Blythe dolls are more valuable today than 20 years ago and beloved by Blythe fans around the world. Kenners can sometimes be found in some doll magazines, ranging from those found in the United States to doll clothing pattern magazines in Japan.

Over the years, I have worked to locate photos of Kenners in various forms of media and create a collection. This collection has been uploaded to Flickr and can be found below.

More will be added as more images of Kenners in media are found. Please note that there are other Takara related media images that were not included. This collection is focused upon Kenner Blythe dolls specifically.

If you have a book, magazine, etc., that a Kenner Blythe doll can be seen in, please use the contact form so it can be further researched and added to the photo albums.