Doll Worth, Value, & Pricing

Grouped together because it’s all about one aspect: money and Blythe!

One of the most difficult parts of buying, selling, or collecting Kenner Blythe dolls is to understand the value of a doll. It can fluctuate during different times of the year, if there’s a bidding war, if a doll has various highly sought after traits, etc.

While this list is not exact or extensive, it is meant to be a general guide for Kenner Blythe value. It is impossible to say every doll is either a specific amount. Due to these fluctuations in pricing, I have not listed exact values for dolls, as it varies throughout the year.

If you decide to sell your doll and would like a more accurate, current estimate of value, please check the completed and sold listings on eBay. The asking prices do NOT show accurate current market values. Many dolls with high Buy It Now prices that do not reflect the doll’s value due to condition often sit on eBay for a long time. Prices often listed in value or price guide books are listed for completely mint dolls. Very few dolls are in this condition.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any listings or purchases made. Buyer beware and please be careful when purchasing. 


Quick Guide to Condition
This can help you get a general idea what condition your Blythe doll is in.
Not every doll is in excellent condition but still will be adored by collectors.*

Mint Condition: Never removed from box (NRFB), mint in box (MIB), or very excellent condition. Hair in original hair style and full stock included.

Excellent Condition: Close to mint with all aspects of doll in excellent, working condition. Hair may not be in original braid. Hair not matted, frizzy, or tangled. May have bum crack due to stand.

Good Condition: No melt marks or yellowing on face. Knees click and hold position. Hair may have some frizz. Body may have bum crack but legs do not fall out. May or may not have original stock.

Fair Condition: Minor melt marks or some yellow spots on face may be visible. Knees may or may not click. Hair has some frizz and tangles. Body has bum crack, possibly upper torso crack. May or may not have incomplete original stock.

Poor Condition: Melt marks and/or extreme yellowing of face is visible. Knees do not click and may be broken or torn at knee joint. Bum crack visible, legs may not stay in place. Upper torso may also be cracked. Missing limbs and/or hair. Any hair remaining is cut, very frizzy, and/or matted. Does not have original stock or original stock is dirty, discolored, or faded.


*Some collectors may not be concerned with the body (or hair, depending on the collector). The body can be replaced with another Kenner Blythe body or a modified Takara Blythe body. The face and a working eye mechanism can be more important than the body. However, this varies depending on which collector is buying. If a doll is missing the hair and body but has a nice complexion and working eye mechanism, this may be seen as a great doll to restore or customize.


Price Fluctuations

In my opinion, I believe there are fluctuations in price due to the time of year that a doll is sold. This may sound bizarre to some but I have found it to be fairly true. There are always exceptions to these, as well, so please keep that in mind.

Dolls sold around North American BlytheCons seem to sell for a bit less because many collectors are saving up to attend BlytheCon. I have also noticed that dolls sold during early summer, which can be but is not always around the time of BlytheCon, sell for less. Many are on vacation or saving. On the other hand, dolls sold around Christmas or during tax season tend to sell for more. There are always random bidding wars for dolls that a few collectors may adore or dolls that sell for less. I wanted to mention these trends because it is something I have noticed occurring quite often. These trends may extend to reflect global Blythe conventions and events but I have not studied these fluctuations outside of the North American events.


Sought After Traits
These are some of the factors that will make a doll more valuable to collectors.

Generally excellent condition: A doll with a nice complexion, clear and sparkly eyechips, white eyeballs without yellowing, no melt marks, hair that is not frizzy, body without cracks or discolorations, and/or knees that click and hold their place will be worth more.

NRFB (Never Removed From Box): While NRFB dolls can often have broken lower torsos and/or legs that have popped off from stress due to the stand design, their hair and faces are in excellent condition. Therefore, they will sell for more. 

Bright, vivid blush: Some dolls, more often than not 7 line dolls, have bright blush. This is well liked among collectors and will make a doll more valuable. The doll on the left in the photo below shows what some of the more bright, vivid blush looks like. 

Rare hair styles: As explained in the Variations section, the sidepart brunette and wispy bang redhead are rare and sell for more than other hair styles and color combinations.

Dolls sold with some stock pieces. Certain stock pieces, such as the funky sunglasses, are difficult to find and can raise the cost of a doll if sold together. Wigs are less difficult to get and often, less desired than the sunglasses (pictured below). Some complete outfits may also bring up the price of a doll.