Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between 6 & 7 line dolls?

The amount of lines on their back. Truly! There are some generalizations about each but these do not always hold true. Typically, many have said that 6 line dolls have pinker plastic/skin, coarse texture hair, and lighter make up. Similarly, for the 7 line dolls, many have said these dolls have creamy plastic/skin, soft texture hair, and brighter make up.

HOWEVER, these generalizations do not always hold true. There are always exceptions to this. For example, these dolls.

If you were to guess, which dolls have how many lines?

Answer: they are all 6 lines. Yes. All of them.

  • Who REALLY invented Blythe?

Recently someone showed me an interesting rumor that has been floating around online for several years: the inventor of Little Miss No Name, Deet D’Andrade, created Blythe. However, this is not true. According to the patent and from Allison Katzman’s own words at the Seattle BlytheCon panel: Allison Katzman is the creator of Blythe.

  • How do I get rid of that glue around the scalp line?

It’s actually not glue. Yes, you read that correctly. Glue was not used to attach Kenner scalps originally. Some may have been reattached with glue but they did not originally come this way. The scalp goop you may see where your doll’s scalp and faceplate meet is actually a chemical reaction from the two touching. It can be removed by carefully trimming it off with an Exacto knife. PLEASE be careful! These blades are dangerous for collectors and dolls alike. 

  • How do I know if I’m buying a raven vs. brunette Kenner?

Hair style and careful comparison. While both are available as wispy bang, center part hair style, the other hair styles are only available as a brunette/light brunette/auburn hair color.

Some may refer to light brunette, auburn, brunette, etc. for dolls with either hair color. Descriptions are important but when purchasing a doll, you must use your own observations, as well. This can help a lot! Dolls with the more reddish tint hair in auction or seller photos are not ravens. Raven hair is black and does not have the same red coloring to it. It can vary some in appearance due to hair texture but it will not have that reddish hue to it.

  • What inspired you to create this site? Aren’t there other sites out there?

It’s true! There are some other sites out there about Kenners and they are fantastic. I have quite a few Kenners in my collection and often get asked questions about them and their history. Previously, I had used various Blythe forums, other websites, and Flickr as reference. As time goes on, some of these sites are disappearing and so does that information. I love to discuss and compare Kenner Blythe dolls so I wanted to create my own website where I could do that.

  • How much is my Kenner Blythe doll worth?

I admit, I usually have an eye out for Kenner Blythe dolls so if you have one or a Kenner Blythe related item for sale, please feel free to contact me. I must warn you though: Doll guide books are often not an accurate measure of true market value. These books will often overestimate the value of most dolls because they list what a perfectly mint, new in box doll could sell for. I would suggest checking eBay’s completed auctions for a closer estimate on true market value. It can fluctuate, even throughout the year. Please consider this when choosing a price for your doll. Bidding wars can raise the price of a doll. Many collectors, myself included, have paid more than what the doll might be worth because they loved a doll’s face. Random auctions that sell for much more could be just that, which is important to keep in mind.

However, with all this being said, it is your doll and entirely up to you. Good luck!

  • Okay, so I’m looking at completed auctions, how do I use that to determine the value of my doll? Any listing tips?

Don’t list your doll for a buy it now of a million dollars. Frankly, it will not sell. I have seen dolls sit on eBay literally for years without sell due to an ultra high buy it now. (Okay, you probably wouldn’t actually put a million dollars, but if you look around on eBay, you’ll see what I mean.)

I would highly recommend looking at the average ending price of recent dolls and look at which is in similar condition. Often, ravens and blondes sell for less than brunettes or redheads. If your doll has desirable features like original blush (particularly very vivid blush), a rare hairstyle, prototype features, etc., it will sell for more. If not, have no fear! This does not mean your doll is worth nothing. Listings with fair buy it now prices or reserves often sell. If the reserve price is too high, it can discourage bidders and need relisted later. I’ve seen some dolls relisted multiple times because the reserve is never met so they are never sold.
However, with all this being said, it is your doll and entirely up to you. Good luck!

  • Why doesn’t my doll have violet eyes like the vintage ad mentions? Did any have this (or other colors) mentioned in the ad?

As far as I have seen, only one Kenner Blythe doll was produced with these eye color “bouncy brown” that’s an rust orange brown: Box, the prototype. The advertisement, which can be seen here, mentions the following colors: “bouncy brown”, “green eyed and groovy”,  “purple pretty as you please”, and “beautiful blue”. However thus far, all other Kenner Blythe dolls, that are not Box, have pink, blue, orange, & green eyes.

  • Do you have any Blythe items for sale?

No, I currently do not have any Blythe items for sale.

However, if you’re looking for Kenner items, I would highly recommend eBay or the Kenner Blythe Club Facebook group.

If you’re seeking other items, such as reproduction dolls by Ashton Drake Galleries (ADG) or Takara, those can also be found on eBay or a variety of Facebook groups. However, please note: buyer beware. Please research the seller before making any purchases. Unfortunately, scammers and counterfeit dolls do exist.

  • Who made your logo?The KBG resized logo.png
    My logo was created by Sparrow. If you’re interested, you can find more of their designs here and here.
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