Official Blythe Website –
Great for information about new Neo, Middie, and Petite Takara Blythe dolls. Includes a link to Junie Moon, an international Blythe shop.


Kenner Collector –
A wonderful resource for all things Kenner. While not much about Blythe is listed, it is still an interesting site for any Kenner fan.

Blythe Price Guide – 
A recently created resource for determining current market value.

Blythopia –
A wonderful resource for all things Blythe, particularly all the acronyms.

Blythe Kingdom –
A forum for all things Blythe.

Puchi Collective – Web Archive Link, Newer Archived Link
Since it has been removed, the link is for an archived copy of Puchi Collective. However, it was that fantastic. Puchi Collective features tutorials, free sewing patterns, cute printables, etc.

Kenner Blythe Club – 
If you prefer to use Facebook, this group is an excellent resource for discussing and sharing your Kenner Blythe dolls.

Bla-Bla Blythe –
This Blythe site is a fantastic resource for a variety of information. While in Russian, Google translate can be used to help read it. The site features a plethora of information about modern Blythe dolls, with a wide array of photos.

BlytheCon Seattle 2014 Panel with Allison Katzman and Junko Wong

The day before BlytheCon Seattle, a panel with the Allison Katzman, the original creator of Blythe, and Junko Wong, the current Blythe Creative Director, took place. The panel was recorded and uploaded to YouTube in two parts.
Part 1 –
Part 2 –

Upcoming Blythe Events

Due to current events (Covid 19 pandemic), the list of events has been removed. It’s unclear which events will take place in person. Please check your local Blythe group on Facebook to follow up on these events.

I hope to add a list of current events in the future. At this point, it’s difficult to know what is and is not happening.

Stay safe!

Blythe Blogs

Junko Wong’s Blog –
The Junko Wong, Blythe Creative Director and CEO of the CWC Group. The lady in charge of Blythe today and all around cool lady.

BlytheLife –
BlytheLife discusses all aspects of Blythe, features different collectors, and even do giveaways. Run by Michelle, my friend and fellow Blythe collecting nerd.

Mademoiselle Blythe –
Mademoiselle Blythe features many features, such as interviews with Blythe customizers, fashion designers, collectors, Kenner experts, and interior designers. Fanny’s blog is a fantastic resource for all Blythe enthusiasts.

Clari’s Whims and Fancies –
Clari’s Whims and Fancies is an entertaining mix of personal blog and Blythe fun. Heather shares her life and times with dolls with cute photos abound.

Annablythedoll’s Blythe Blog –
Anna’s blog is wonderful for information about where to find good Blythe deals, some amazing “Blythe Bible” photos, and so much more.